Dry Van Freight Shipping

Dry van trailers are the most common freight shipping option that allows for safe, secure and economical transportation of dry goods, nonperishables and various types of equipment. Generally, if your product does not require temperature control or other special considerations, dry van trailers make the most cost effective choice.

Dry Vans are ideal for solid, non-perishable items that don’t require refrigeration. They can be loaded onto short 20-feet long trailers or larger 53-feet trailers.

What Are the Advantages of Dry Shipping ?

  • Because dry shipment such a common form of transport, dry trucks and trailers are highly available. This means that they can generally be adaptable to your timetable and location needs. They’re also in high supply, so the cost is usually lower than other forms of shipment.
  • Dry shipments are easy to load and unload with a “drop and hook” load system. This means that drivers can easily drop an empty trailer and hook up an already loaded one. This saves time, effort, and money spent loading and stalling in hubs.

What is Dry Shipping?

Dry shipping is the most trusted and popular form of goods transportation. Dry shipments are held in an enclosed trailer, unlike a flatbed shipment that’s exposed on the back of a truck.

This enclosed trailer space also makes dry shipping highly versatile for a number of products. Pallets or boxes can be filled with a variety of units that can then be stacked and shipped.