FTL Shipping & Freight

We are ready to get your full truck load (TL) moving as soon as possible. Are you looking for a safe, secure, and efficient way to transport your goods. Full truckload shipments are available in Dry van, Flatbed or Refrigerated/Reefers delivery.

Since LTL transport contains multiple products needing to be delivered to various destinations, that impacts and delays the time of delivery for each cargo. We offers full truckload (FTL) services to and from Canada’s largest cities.

Why you should choose
FTL Shipping & Freight

  • Quicker and accurate rate quotes from carriers within the trucking industry as they may have set rates based on your FTL weight and locations
  • Less handling of your goods at transit points, as the move will be from point to point
  • Less handling means your cargo is much safer from potential damage and transit delays
  • Quicker delivery schedule as the truck does not wait for consolidation of cargo

What is FTL shipping?

FTL is industry shorthand for full truckload, or a truckload–most often a dry van or reefer–with a dedicated shipment from a single shipper to a single location. You may also see it referred to as just TL, or truckload. The alternative is LTL, or less than truckload, which is a truckload with multiple shipments from multiple shippers bound for multiple locations.

Full truckloads are the best pick for time-sensitive shipments, so much so that it is often the default choice in a time crunch. With FTL shipping, your shipment is only traveling from Point A to Point B on the most efficient route. With LTL shipping, your shipment might travel to Points C, D and E to drop off other shipments before finally arriving at Point B.