Warehousing Services

We offers a variety of supply chain solutions including warehousing and cross docking. We own both standard and heavy-duty forklifts with long fork extensions. Our warehouse team are certified forklift operators with several decades of experience and knowledge.

Whether you need long or short term warehousing, Harvee Logistics provides secure, affordable options. Our warehouse storage is also available for temporary or long term use for those times when there is a gap between truck availability.

Our warehouse is fully secure and below are some of the services we provide

  • Short & Long-Term Storage
  • Container & Trailer Destuffing
  • Cross Docking
  • Blocking & Bracing
  • Loading & Securing Cars, Vehicles
  • Container & Trailer Stuffing

What is Warehousing ?

Warehousing is an important piece of your retail supply chain. While it’s not the sexiest of subjects, warehousing and inventory storage affect everything from sourcing raw materials and, efficiently managing inventory, to getting orders delivered to customers on time.

Warehousing is the process of storing physical goods before they are sold or further distributed in a dedicated warehouse or storage facility. Warehouses safely and securely store products in an organized way to track where items are located, when they arrived, how long they have been there, and the quantity on hand.