Reefers / Temp-Controlled Trailers

“Reefer” is the term used to describe a refrigerated LTL truck. These shipments carry refrigerated or temperature-controlled freight. This protects the goods from deteriorating, perishing, or damaging during transport. If you are a shipper trading in chilled, frozen or fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, flowers etc., you will require a refrigerated truck to move this cargo safely across the country.

Harvee Logistics is providing best refrigerated freight shipping to our customers. We have fleet of trucks includes both heated vans and refrigerated vans.

Specialized Reefer Logistics

  • Quicker and accurate rate quotes from carriers within the trucking industry as they may have set rates based on your FTL weight and locations
  • Less handling of your goods at transit points, as the move will be from point to point
  • Less handling means your cargo is much safer from potential damage and transit delays
  • Quicker delivery schedule as the truck does not wait for consolidation of cargo

Reefers can maintain an internal environment within a specific temperature range, depending on the products inside. For example, frozen fish could be shipped in a reefer with a temperature range of 0 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these fish couldn’t be shipped with chilled beverages, which are held at a range of 32 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit.